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Vented Gas Logs -- Click on Images For a Larger View

A vented gas log gives you an alternative to the traditional gas logs when deciding what to use for your fireplace fuel. Vented gas logs generate less heat when burned, but even more importantly, they create a more realistic and larger yellow flame which will bathe your fireplace area in a romantic amber hue. There are also some fireplace fueling options that are not logs at all. Look at all of the product options below.

Alternative to Traditional Gas Logs

If you are looking for a more original fireplace setup, maybe one of the options below is for you. We offer custom blazing glass, custom firestones, fire balls, and fire geometric shapes to allow your fireplace to reflect your personality and specific style. Your fireplace will be more than a source of heat, make it into a conversation piece!

To take a look at the fireplace glass color selection, go here: Fireplace Glass Selection

Etro (21", 27", 33" & Custom Sizes Available)Flambeau (16" Round)Fire Island (18", 24", 30" & Custom Sizes)
Fire Island (18", 24", 30" & Custom Sizes Available)Custom Blazing GlassCustom Blazing Glass
Custom Blazing GlassCustom Blazing GlassCustom Fire Stones
Custom Fire StonesCustom Geometrical BallsCustom Geometrical Shapes
Custom Geometrical ShapesCustom Geometrical ShapesCustom Geometrical Shapes
Custom Geometrical ShapesCustom Geometrical Shapes 
Traditional Gas Log Sets

If you desire a more rustic fireplace experience, than traditional logs may be for you. We have dozens of styles available to create a natural fireplace setting. You will truly feel as if you are sitting around an outdoor fire circle as you watch the flames dance on you Aspen White Birch or Santa Fe Black Cherry sets.

Aspen White BirchRocky Mountain MapleSanta Fe Black Cherry
Sterling ForgeHuntington BeachfireCanyon Live Oak
Canyon Live Oak SplitOld Hickory CharredOld Hickory Split
Grand Island CharredGrand Island OakEvening Crossfire
CrossfirePinehurst TimberfireEvening Prestige
Prestige OakWeathered SplitGreat Lakes Oak
Evening LonestarLonestarHighland Oak
Desert DreamNapoleon with AndironsArbor 7
Arbor 8Arbor 11Fiber Glow  

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