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Tuesday, April 22 2014

A fireplace is able to make your home warm and cozy. With modern fireplace designs there are many designs and styles to choose from that are simple and stylish. Most of these fireplace designs are simple and they are mainly composed of clean straight lines without classic curves and lavish décor which some of the traditional ones have. These kinds of fireplaces come in polished wood design or are matted in silver. Here are some of the most popular modern fireplace designs. 

1. Cast Iron Fireplace Design: Fireplace made of cast iron that is a polished cast fascia or insert panel that accentuates the modern look of the house. It has pine or oak mantel or frame. It has no fancy corbels so it can be fitted in most contemporary homes. It has a striking contrast when it is mixed with granite hearth and panel. This design suits most of the fashionable homes as there are no picture corbels in them. It can have an eye-catching contrast if it is blended with fireplace and stonework panel. 

2. Limestone Fireplace Design: The most common kind of fireplace design. There are many modern homes that use this age-old limestone. Many people prefer this design because it has neutral color which helps to blend with the décor of the house. If it is installed properly then it enhances the look of the traditional houses. It has a simple look but it gives a luxurious feel. The limestone varies in veining and color, so two fireplaces made of limestone will not look similar even if the designs of them are same. 

3. Micro Grain Mantel Fireplace Design: A kind of design where the marbles are crushed in to fine pieces and it is then bonded together to make mantel for the fireplace. The best thing about this design is that it has subtle but high gloss finish which remains glossy for several years. 

4. Marble Fireplace Design: An elegant kind of fireplace design that is pricey too. It can blend well with any kind of setting. It comes in various colors, shades and styles that can be incorporated well with the traditional wooden burning fireplace. To create a distinctive and unique look it can be customized with classic hand carved designs for the fireplace frame or mantle. These kinds of fireplace design can fit in the dining room, living room, bed room, outdoor patio or garden. 

5. Portable Free Standing Fireplace Design: An unconventional design that can project a cozy ambience and modern look to blend well with other interior furnishings. It is a suspended design that acts as a focal center of the house. It is known for saving space and can be installed anywhere in the house. A corner free standing unit can be installed with glass screens or cover. It comes in varieties of futuristic shapes and contemporary designs. 

6. Vent -less Fireplace Design: A kind of fireplace which uses non-toxic gel fuel. It is highly in demand due to its environmentally friendly usage of the clean burning fuel. 

These are some of the most popular modern fireplace designs that can be used to enhance the beauty of the home.

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Monday, April 14 2014

Now that the weather has finally started to warm up it is time to start enjoying all of the fun activities that Spring and summer have to offer. One decidely less fun aspect of Spring is the inevitable need for Spring cleaning. When you are starting this process, it is very important that you do not neglect one very important aspect of Spring cleaning. Your fireplace and chimney have been working hard all winter long, it is important to get them properly cleaned and inspected during the spring. This ensures that they will be in top working condition and ready for the next winter. Here are some tips to remember for fireplace and chimney Spring cleaning.

  1. Properly clean your fireplace: A build up of ashes can end up being an issue after the winter has ended. It is important to completely clean your fireplace and remove all ashes from the firebox area. 
  2. Complete any repairs: Repairs for your fireplace can end up falling down the to do list once warmer weather has come. It is important to make any needed repairs as soon as possible. This will stop future damage to the fireplace and ensure that everything is functioning properly the next time you need it. 
  3. Hire a chimney sweep: Getting your chimney swept is one of the most basic and neccessary fireplace and chimney maintenance tasks. Hire a chimney sweep professional during the fireplace off season.
  4. Consider a renovation: Spring can be the perfect time to upgrade your fireplace and chimney. If you have been thinking about getting your fireplace redesigned or upgraded, add it to your list for Spring cleaning. 

Your fireplace may have been the unsung hero of the winter months. Make sure that your treat it right this Spring by getting all of the proper cleaning and repairs done. Contact Chicago Chimney for a chimney sweep or fireplace repair today!

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