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Friday, December 27 2013

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Fireplace

    We hope that everyone had a warm and happy Christmas! As we move in to 2014, it is important to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are in tip-top shape. As you work your way through some of the standard New Year’s resolutions of ending some bad habits and losing weight, here are some resolutions to take for your fireplace.

1. Clean your fireplace

    Give you fireplace a holiday gift by making its job easier. Completely cleaning out all of the ash and residue from you fireplace chamber will make your fireplace work more efficiently and provide cleaner heat for your family.

2. Investigate “the smell”

    If you fireplace has been giving off smoke or generating some weird smells, it is time to investigate and make sure the chimney is clear of any debris and everything is working properly. How will Santa get down the chimney next year if it is blocked?! Avoid a holiday travesty in 2014 and make sure everything is functioning properly. 

3. Do any exterior cleaning

    If you have been putting off clearing away some branches near your chimney or having some structural work done on the exterior parts of your fireplace & chimney, make it a resolution to get this done in 2014. Your home heating will be safer and more efficient if you make this a priority.

4. Consider a design update

    Maybe some new fireplace doors would help with the decor of your family room. Adding some aesthetics to your fireplace can really breathe new life into an old design. You have numerous design options available, make 2014 the year that you choose one and take your fireplace to the next level!

5. Get a fireplace

    Maybe you are reading these resolutions about a fireplace and you do not even have one. If that is the case, make 2014 the year that you get a fireplace installed and provide your family with an affordable and stylish heating source. Let us help you choose a design and fireplace type that will make your living area glow.

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Thursday, December 19 2013

    Your Television & Your Fireplace

    There is a battle going on for the focal point of your family room. Some families may prefer to gather around the fire and have some quality family time. Other groups may prefer to watch the NFL playoffs on the 50 inch flat screen. It is possible to have both a fireplace and a television in your living room, but is that a wise decision? Here are some points to consider for mounting your television above or near the fireplace.

    Space Considerations

    The first consideration is if this design hybrid will physically work in your home. Some large televisions are difficult to mount safely, and others may not be able to mount at all depending on size and the available wall space in your room.

    Design Considerations

    Even if you are not a certified home decorator, you or your significant other may have something to say about a giant television being shoe horned into a space it barely fits. Even though it is physically possible, it may not be aesthetically pleasing to have both a television and a fireplace in the same location.

    No Guarantees

    Televisions were not designed to operate in extreme conditions. The extra heat from your fireplace will vary based on fireplace size, type, ventilation, room size, and a number of other factors. However, it can be difficult to account for all of these factors and decide what environment is safest for your television. Also, many manufacturers will not cover a warranty claim if the device was kept in poor conditions like a above a fireplace that damaged the set. Keep that in mind for your television, and all electronics that are near the fireplace.

    Passing the Mantle

    If you have decided that you want your entertainment and heating needs met in the same area, there are some measures that can be taken to help keep your television safe. Having a mantle installed above the fireplace will help to block excess heat that may come from the fire. The mantle can serve as both a safety feature and a design update.

    Have it inspected

    If you are unsure that your fireplace area is safe for your television, have a licensed professional evaluate your situation and give you some design options. At Chicago Fireplace & Chimney, we have professionals who will help you decide which fireplace is the best for your home, and how you can design the rest of your family area. Good luck and thanks for reading!     

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Thursday, December 12 2013

As the temperatures continue to decrease day after day, do you ever find yourself wishing you had a big, cozy fireplace to cuddle up next to? I know I do!  Although you may only think of fireplaces as huge brick or cement center pieces to rooms, there are many other designs than just this traditional design.  Some not so traditional designs could be used in your house to change the mood or comfort of the room.  Some interesting fireplace designs we liked are listed below!

This different type of fireplace is actually portable and can be used indoors or outdoors, by the use of an ethanol burner.  This rocket ship like fireplace would be perfect in a home with a more modern feel to it.  With the capabilities of movement, this fireplace can go wherever you want to go; if you need it inside for the winter but then want it to stay on the deck for the summer then you can! No restrictions here!

This scenic fireplace can look great in any urban home!  With an ethanol flame burning between the two plates of steel, this fireplace takes a turn on the traditional fireplace that we all might know of.  This scenic fireplace can aid in the imaginative mind or arsonist habits with the flame igniting light within the city scape.

While this fireplace isn’t as different in design as the others, it has a great new feature that can be used anywhere.  With using a smart phone as the remote, you can control the temperature and turn it on and off even if you are in a remote area; so, if you left your house and forgot to turn it off, problem solved, it’s all part of your phone now!  Along with this awesome smartphone feature, the elongated design produces a lot of heat.  The efficient design allows 90% of the heat to be pushed back into your house taking full advantage of the space it takes up.  This type of fireplace could be a great fit in any kind of home, especially if you are tech savvy. 

Although all of the mentioned fireplaces have been great, the traditional fireplace is always a safe and popular choice.  These fireplaces range in types, styles, and materials but are always a nice addition to any home.  It constantly makes the room feel warmer in look and feel. At Chicago Chimney we can service any type of fireplace and help with new fireplace construction and design. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Article written by Sam at DigitalParc

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